Episode 33 - It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

A cast of what seems like thousands are on a race for a buried fortune, at least they think it exists, but they don't know exactly where to look, but they know that a giant "W" marks the spot. Why not an X? Don't ask, it's a W which is right next to X in the alphabet. And the whole movie makes about as much sense as that comment!  It's a crazy, or dare we say, mad race to the finish. We give it a go and tell you what we think. We keep it real even though the American Film Institute ranks the film as one of the best American comedies. So jump in a car, a plane or a truck and hold on for dear life as we see just how mad this world can be in Stanley Kramer's classic(?) 1963 comedy/action/adventure movie.

Here's a link to the IMDB page for "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World".

Up next is the classic musical "Oklahoma!" and the week after that it's "The Dirty Dozen"