Episode 29 - The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre - Part 1

Gold does strange things to a man’s soul as we find out in Warner Brothers / First National Picture’s adaptation of B Traven’s classic "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre". Who is B Traven? Why can’t Dobbs see that he’s got gold fever? How much gold is enough gold? So many questions and so few answers in a truly great movie, one of Humphrey Bogart’s best and definitely one of John Huston’s best. And let's not forget great performances by Tim Holt, Bruce Bennett, and the unforgettable Alfonso Bedoya. But our favorite, in a role of a lifetime, has to be Walter Huston. It’s also one of the only (or the only) movie where a father and son both won an Oscar in the same year for the same movie. Bob and I like that part especially. It’s good to see a father and son achieve great success together.

This is the second movie in our John Huston & Humphrey Bogart movie marathon. 

Here's the IMDB page for "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre" and here's the IMDB page for our next movie "Beat the Devil". But hold on! Next week we're back for Part 2 of our epic deep dive on one of our favorite movies.