Episode 19 - Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein

"Chick... chick... CHICK!"

Poor Wilbur, if only Chick would believe him. He really is being chased by Dracula and Frankenstein's monster. And what do they want from Wilbur? His brain of course! No, they aren't zombies. They don't want to eat it. They want it for it's intellectual capacity, or lack thereof.

And why and how did the Wolfman get mixed up in this zany adventure?

Lot's of fun is had as we follow the adventures of Bud and Lou in this classic horror comedy, voted one of the top 100 funniest movies of all time. 

Next episode we're lightening it up with "Singing in the Rain". So grab your umbrella and join us won't you? 

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