Episode 17 - Frankenstein

"It's Alive!" 

Yes, it is and it's out to get you Doctor Frankenstein. 

Bob and I have some fun walking through our favorite scenes and some of our not so favorite scenes. We discuss the influence this movie had on "Young Frankenstein" and it turns out that "Young Frankenstein" had a pretty big influence on us because we inadvertently call the lab assistance Igor throughout the entire review when in fact his name is Fritz. Oh well. Igor has a nice ring to it. Universal must have thought so too. The new Universal "Frankenstein" movie is due out in 2015 and the lab assistant, played by Daniel Radcliffe, is called Igor.

So, don't let your children play unattended by the lake. You never know what may come lumbering out of the forest.

Here's a link to the IMDB page for "Frankenstein"

Next up we celebrate the happy couple in "Bride of Frankenstein".