Episode 21 - The Jazz Singer (1927)

"I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles, my mammy."

"Although he’s not much higher than my knee, still he’s the greatest thing on earth to me."

There are some great and memorable lines from the movie that changed motion picture making, "The Jazz Singer" broke ground with the dramatic use of music, singing and talking. It's also remembered for the use of "black face" in the closing musical numbers of the film. Al Jolson was known as the "World's Greatest Entertainer" at the time of the movie's release. We can catch glimpses of his charisma in the film. By all accounts, you'd have to have seen him in person to really understand why he carried that title. 

There's so much to digest in this movie. Bob and I cover the bases and of course get philosophical near the end. We can't help ourselves. 

Here's a link to the IMDB page for "The Jazz Singer"

Next episode, prepared to be scared as we review "The Innocents". You may want to find a movie watching buddy to snuggle with if you're following along at home for this one!